JQue Ellis is a media proprietor, fitness guru, philanthropist and super producer who celebrates life and loves music. She has been named North Alabama's "Peoples Choice Entrepreneur of the Year", and is a recipient of the "Outstanding Woman of Color in Leadership Award" from the Young Progressive Caucus of Alabama. Recently she received the "Lifestyle Award" from Premier Leadership Development Company. JQue serves every day as the CEO of Sun-Shyne Enterprises INC., Owner of Fitness DEFY'd, Host of "Healthy Living and Wine" podcast, Radio Host & Producer for "Valley Sounds" on WLRH 89.3, Director of the TV series "Volume1: Noisemakers", an Educator at UCCA, and so.e how she still finds time for family and friends.


North Alabama's People's Choice Entrepreneur of the Year, Impact Speaker, Young Progressive Black Caucus Outstanding Women of Leadership Award Recipient and Idea Fit Trainer.  A multi-media proprietor, brand ambassador, professional model, teacher and lifestyle entrepreneur. 

For over a decade, J'Que continues to be a leader and pace setter of the business, wellness & marketing industry. Her failures and achievements continue to fuel her passion for results.  Brands and companies like, Naturals in the City, IDEA Fit, Red Elephant, InTunewithTMill, Amphibian Unlimited and many more, trust her vision and leadership.

Her faith keeps her grounded and humble, yet fiercely independent. There's nothing more courageous than believing in yourself and taking risks when the odds are against you which means she's not afraid to jump, fly or dive. This attitude and discipline has molded her self belief and continues to grow her confidence. A confidence which nurtures and strengthens her clients trust and respect of her.  People, places and things fuel her ambition and imagination to seek traditions, discover new adventures and remain optimistic and open to learning. J'Que has a solid reputation for passion, integrity and exceeding expectations that comes from her sense of purpose and assertiveness.  She is committed to achieving her goals, and serving the BUSINESS and PERSONAL needs of her consumers, whether it's a fitness or business client, a Fashion company, or motivational speaking.  Her persistence and dedication has also landed her in several countries, and exotic places around the world.