What's the best Wine for a Healthy Lifestyle?

If you're going to have an alcoholic drink, choosing vino is generally one of your healthiest options. After all, wine is packed with free radical-fighting phytochemicals, has been linked positively to everything from a healthier heart to sharper brain functions, and even used as part of anti-aging regimens. It is naturally lower in calories than most drinks behind the bar.

Here are few tips I use when choosing a bottle of wine for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


1. Go Red
While all wine contains some resveratrol (wine’s main health-promoting antioxidant), red wine boast higher amounts of resveratol more than white wines. Why? Red wine is fermented right on the antioxidant-containing grape skin. So if you’re really serious about upping the resveratrol in your glass, it's  been recommended to select wines that contain the thickest-skinned grapes, such as Sirah and Cabernet  Sauvignon.

2. Look for a Lower Alcohol Percentage
Most wines are between 9% and 16% alcohol. And since alcohol comes from grapes’ sugar, the greater your wine’s alcohol percentage, the greater its sugar content.

3. Seek Out Sustainably Farmed Wines
Bottles labeled as sustainably farmed are made without the use of pesticides and tend to contain fewer synthetic chemicals than non-sustainable ones. What’s more, wines made from certified organically grown grapes and organic wines are also great options if you are looking to cut down on chemicals, since they don't contain any added sulfites.