Feel the Body Love

Quick: Which Body part are you most proud of?

Come on, it shouldn't take you that long to name one.  While most of us don't ooze the same confidence as a super model, we're too often our own worst critics.

Rather than scrutinize every fine line on my face or bemoan the cellulite on my thighs, I'm trying to appreciate my body more.  For nearly 50 years it has never let me down. It has taken me many miles, carried me through child birth, survived cancer and shouldered more weight than I ever thought possible.

Having pride in your body doesn't mean turning a blind eye to every jiggle, pudge or wrinkle. There's lots you can do to transform what you don't like. Best of all, when you change your attitude and see your body for the amazing powerful wonder that it is, you can't help but want to take great care of it.  You start to crave the exercise it needs to stay strong and you feel compelled to fuel it with healthy foods instead of doughnuts and sugar.  

Get a boost of self-love by reading a book you enjoy, rewarding yourself with a new wardrobe, or just spending the day discovering a new hobby. You deserve it!

I hope this has inspired you to love your body!

For more information or fitness advise and tips, chime into the chat room.  I'm looking forward to connecting with you!