Change is Always Good

Change is always good.

Remember Newton's first law of motion: a resting object will stay at rest unless butt kicked by an external force. Busting your inertia, whether it's a boring exercise routine, an unfulfilling job or stale relationship usually requires a substantial and sometimes risky change. Waiting for the ideal time to make a move will only leave you sinking in quicksand. Don't be afraid to say yes to a switch. If you keep missing that after work spinning class, then go to bed earlier so you could wake up for an invigorating bootcamp class instead. Hate your new boss, well make one or two lunch dates each week with your LinkedIn connections and scout for new career opportunities. Reignite the passion with your guy by learning a new skill - Cross-fit cooking climbing - together. Achieving a shared goal will bring you closer. Strength comes from embracing rather than resisting change. ACCORDING to the psychology experts, growing through transition also pushes you to grow as person. While the unknown or the prospect of failure is often scarier than the status quo, saying yes to the possibilities that lie ahead is always a better choice than being bound by limits.

Keep moving          Keep growing         Keep transferring