Bounce Yourself Slim

It might seem like child's play, but springing on a trampoline burns nearly 7 calories a minute - that's about what you torch jogging - and bouncing on the trampoline also fires up every muscle from your shoulders to your feet, especially those in your legs and butt.


By adding a few targeted toners and mixing up your position, you can increase the sculpting power even more on the trampoline. 

While all the trimming and toning is definitely a great reason to catch wind on the trampoline, it's also super fun.

Invite you to join me for a fun fast paced super bouncy experience during one of my Fitness Meet-ups at #Shakalaka Trampoline Arenas, get on your kids backyard bouncer or get a mini trampoline and put these moves to the test. I dare you not to smile, play, have fun and get fit!  

Bounce your way to a slim, sculpted body by taking a turn on a trampoline. You'll blast fat and firm up all over while having the time of your life.

The next Shakalaka Cardio Bounce Party is happening May 12th @6pm. Tickets are still available for purchase at the following link:

This event is open to friends and family! We're looking forward to seeing everyone for another fun filled and cardio blasting event! Bounce your heart out. 

~~~ #JQueNow 💟💟