Curiousity Creates Energy

Curiosity and wonder are a natural part of being you.  You don’t actually have to struggle or work yourself into the ground to create what you want in life. Retrain yourself to be curious and allow yourself to wonder again by asking more questions in your daily life.

Two questions you can use in any situation are:  

  1. “What else is possible here that I haven’t considered?”
  2. “What else am I capable of that I have never imagined?”

The magic of inspiration is you never know exactly where it is going to show up – but it will always show up when you are open and curious for a lighter, happier approach to creating your life. When you stop the judging yourself and embrace life with gratitude and a sense of adventure, you will always have the energy you need to stay ahead of the game!

Where do you go or what do you do to find inspiration?

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