Devotions for A Healthier You: 2 Corinthians 3:6

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Be physically active.

Eat healthy foods.

Don't eat sugar. 

Drink in moderation.

Abstain from using drugs.

Drink plenty of water.

Sleep at least 7 hours every night.

Don’t smoke.

The list for behaviors that are important to being healthy goes on and on. But the rules for living a healthy life can be like the written laws – even the 10 Commandments – of the Bible. These lifestyle related behaviors, as well as the laws found in the Bible, are focused on outward behavior. So many of us often fail miserably trying to live according to health-related principles because we have not been changed on the inside. We can similarly be frustrated when we are not living according to the ‘laws’ found in the Bible.

“The letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.” 2 Corinthians 3:6

When we become transformed by God’s Spirit, and live from a transformed heart and mind, healthy behaviors become natural.

Are you struggling to keep some of God’s laws that you read about in the Bible?

Do you constantly fall short of living according to His principles?

Are you struggling to live a healthy lifestyle?

Maybe the secret is to become more transformed on the inside by God’s love, grace and truths. Seek to know Him in a deeper way. Consistently spend time with Him and read the Bible. Humble yourself before Him. Surrender to Him at a deeper level. Get on your knees and cry out to Him. Developing a deeply personal and intimate relationship with God will empower you to live a healthy lifestyle and to care for the temple that God has blessed you with while on earth!   


We must examine our motives for why we are exercising and eating right.  Is it because we are trying to self-preserve and self-protect, or because we desire to be strong and ready to live for Jesus Christ?  The world idolizes health and fitness for selfish reasons; they want to maintain a sexy lean body and look young their whole lives.  But a Christian takes care of his or her body as an outflow of the love for Jesus Christ.  We show respect for the body God has given us, not so that we can maintain a certain image or ideal weight, but so that we will be strong and able to give and serve those around us. 

If health and exercise has claimed too much of your focus (or if it has been a focus for the wrong reasons), prayerfully consider what steps God might be asking you to take in order to change this pattern.  Start by asking God to purify your motives for taking care of your body and living a healthy lifestyle, to give you a heart that longs to honor Him by taking care of your templae rather than simply to preserve your own image. 

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