Devotions for A Healthier You: Ephesians 3: 14 - 20

Athletic power requires a combination of strength and speed. A soccer player must have good leg power to kick a ball through a goal from a distance of 20 yards. Athletes must train in a specific way to gain this power and to have athletic success. To be successful in living the abundant life, Christians must be able to tap into the special power that is available to us. Paul teaches us about this in Ephesians 3. In verse 19 he explains that this power is available to us when we experience the love of Jesus. This power that we receive is God’s special power. It comes directly from Him. Paul tells us that when we experience Jesus’ love, we will be full of this power. As a result of this power, working in us, we are able to accomplish more than we could ever imagine. This is such an awesome truth.

Maybe you’re trying to change an aspect of your behavior or lifestyle to improve your health?

Perhaps you are trying to be more consistent with exercising and trying to modify your eating habits.


Are you trying to change these behaviors or to “muscle up” the needed willpower on your own? So often, we attempt these changes and don’t recognize or appropriate the special power that is available to us from God. This power comes from experiencing the love of Jesus. It means that we must recognize how He is loving us in a way that is intimate and personal. To experience the love of Jesus, I think it means that we must spend time with Him. We must open our hearts to Him in a surrendered way. We must believe that He loves us unconditionally. It helps if we attribute the wonderful things happening in our life to Him. For that matter, we must recognize that everything that happens in our life – the good and the bad – works for our good. (Romans 8:28)

We must rid our minds of the lies of Satan and dwell on the loving nature of Jesus and receive His love deep in our hearts.

Are you having difficulty changing an aspect of your behavior in an attempt to become healthier? If so, perhaps you could benefit from experiencing the love of Jesus deep in your heart in a personal way more frequently. As this occurs, the special power from God will help you!