I Dare You!

Failing is a natural part of life. The more you put yourself out there, the bigger the rewards but also the greater the risk of failure. By trying to be our best, we likely will fall many times before we reach our goals. You owe it to yourself to try to be your best self. You owe it to yourself to reach your dreams and your goals. So don’t quit when things get tough, exhaust every possibility before you even consider it.

You can quit if you want, but I dare you to fail first. 

I have had many great successes in my life, but I have also come face-to-face with failure more times than I can count. I think it is impossible to be a parent or leader and not get to know failure on a first-name basis.

In my experience with failure, both personally and professionally, I see that the more we are scared of failure, the more power it has over us. The fear of failure stops us from trying new things and making bold moves.

My experiences with failure has allowed God to grow my character into something that He can use more powerfully than before, to grow me into someone that sees the beauty of imperfection. It has taught me some really important things about humility, and how as I die to my need to be perfect, I become more fully alive in the perfection of Jesus. I believe that the way God shaped me through these experiences has enabled me to walk even more fully and mightily into my purpose and my dreams.


Keep working towards what you want, if everyone quit when things got hard we would never amount to anything. If everyone gave up when things got hard we wouldn’t have anything we have today. All the greatest people have failed, but more importantly that failure led them to keep trying. They failed and they learned a new way.

Trusting what is meant to be has been the most profound lesson for me about failure. Some opportunities are just not meant to be. It doesn’t mean it was a true failure, just not the right fit or the right timing. Trust in the greater plan. Take a look back at your life, and chances are you will see that everything has turned out for the best, despite some ups and downs along the way. Do your best work, put yourself out there fully and have faith that life will assist in bringing the opportunities and people your way that will have the most profound impact on all parties involved.

So, if it’s the willingness to try that sets us apart, what is it that you need to be willing to risk? What is it that you need to dare to do? Aren’t you curious of just how much you can achieve?

Daring to risk and failing, does not make you a failure. It makes you courageous.

I dare you to fail.

I dare you to start living your dreams now!


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