Love Your Body


Much of the journey to learn to love your body revolves around your thoughts, specifically learning to accept and love what makes you YOU!

While lifestyle habits can be changed to help you fully achieve loving your body, making emotional changes are just as important. Many of us struggle with mentally accepting what can’t be changed.


Of course, it’s good for your health and frame of mind to exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet, but there are things that simply can’t be changed.  From the little things like freckles, wrinkles, teeth, or a big nose;  to the bigger problems like stretch marks, wide hips, or extra weight around your belly that just won’t go away.  Some of these are impossible to change and you don’t benefit from focusing on things you can’t change.

Instead, I challenge you to acknowledge how poisonous these negative thoughts are, and actively work to banish them.  #YouAreBeautiful




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