North Alabama Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 Nomination

I am  so  honored  and excited to  have  been nominated for  North Alabama's Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 Awards!  

The Entrepreneur Awards honor the skill, courage and determination it takes for entrepreneurs to create a business out of an idea. It not only celebrates entrepreneurs, but highlights their importance to our region’s economy. There are several categories that will be awarded and the judging will be from a panel of independent entrepreneurs, successful business leaders, investors, and community advocates. Applications are judged on merit only derived from the information submitted in the application spanning company overview, strategic direction, future growth, and community involvement. No reference to external considerations will be made. All information will be kept confidential and winners will be announced at the Entrepreneurial Awards on March 3, 2017.

The People's Choice Award will be given to a local entrepreneur who receives the most votes on through Feb. 17, 2017. I'm asking for your support. I NEED YOUR VOTE!

People’s Choice:  Awarded to an entrepreneur who receives the most votes by the community. The winner will be determined through a social media campaign by the people for the people. Voting has officially started for the Alabama Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 People's Choice Award!

Instructions to vote are as follows: 
-- Click this link
 and scroll to the bottom of the page
-- Select my name "J'Que Ellis"
-- Cast Your Vote
Only one vote per device per day will be counted.

Thank you in advance for your support!

The following is a list of the other Entrepreneur Awards that will be presented:

Entrepreneur Champion of the Year:  Awarded to an individual who has a proven track record of championing for the entrepreneurial journey. This can be through volunteering, mentoring, investing, or collaborating.

Entrepreneur of the Year: Awarded to the entrepreneur who was been in business for over three years and has a proven track record for sustainability, strategic direction, future growth and community involvement.

Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year:  Awarded to the entrepreneur who has been in business for one to three years and has a proven track record for sustainability with room for growth.

Creative Entrepreneur of the Year ;  Awarded to a nontechnical entrepreneur whose focus is in the retail, arts, entertainment, or culinary industry and has a proven track record for sustainability.

Intrapreneur of the Year:  Awarded to an innovator who is currently located within a company. The innovator must have an innovation that could stand alone and be developed outside of the current company.

WBC Entrepreneur of the Year:  Awarded to an outstanding female entrepreneur in the North Alabama Region. The winner of this award will be submitted to the Small Business Administration’s Small Business of the Year Award National Award.

For tickets to attend this event and more information concerning the awards, please visit Innovate Huntsville.

Thank you for your support!

~~~ #JQueNow