Permanent Fitness


A beautiful body doesn’t begin with a diet and/or a gym membership. It begins in your head.  It begins with self-respect, love and understanding that your mind and your body are interconnected. The path to a better physique is born from the union of the body and the mind. How we look is just a projection of how we feel… so start feeling fit, empowered, beautiful and deserving right now. The choices you make must be made out of love and respect for yourself, and then you will start getting real, permanent results.

It’s our attitude that has to change the way we feel about ourselves. Instead of following a list you become curious about what you put in your body because that will be the building material for the new beautiful you. Pick your own sport, your own way of staying active, whether it’s running, cycling or swimming or a team sport. You find your own “it” that will make you happy while keeping you moving, you just need to try it all to see which activity is the right one for you. Motion is life and life is for you to enjoy. 

In order to shape your body you must shape your mind first.jpg

In order to shape your body you must shape your mind first, treat your body with respect and provide it with everything it needs, choosing your activities and what you eat mindfully. To change on the outside you need to start with the person you are inside, give it your full attention, care and love and see it transform.