Remember a time when exercise wasn't something you had to check off on a daily to-do list but was simply a by-product of having fun? 

As a kid, working up a sweat and elevating your heart rate came easily whenever you joined a schoolyard game of freeze tag or you and your friends raced down the street, pedaling bicycles and tricycles.   And while your day may no longer include a regularly scheduled recess, there's' no reason to give up playtime. FITNESS can definitely be considered fun!


Sculpt, swim, or spin, but consider every sweat session a well-deserved play break from the stresses of work and home. A time to challenge your body with new goals and feed your spirit with can-do possibilities.  Take a lesson or try a new hobbie to help rediscover you inner adventurer. Conquering a new sport gives you the confidence to kill it in so many other areas of your life.  Or for those of you ready to take your exercise routine up a notch, sign up for a race or new workout class and start training to finish strong!


Tell me more about some of your favorite body-trimming moves that you love doing. I'm looking forward to hearing about some new games and things to play!