Shiftcon -- Here I Come!

Yeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh Baaaaabbbbyyyyyy!!

Register Now!

Register Now!

Can you tell I’m super excited to attend the most prestigious Eco-friendly wellness conference ever!

Why, J’Que? Well. I’m glad you asked!

I’m excited because the #ShiftCon Social Media Conference is an eco-wellness influencer conference that focuses on food, wellness, health, sustainability and platforms for growth. Attendees are part of an online influencer community that seek healthier and more sustainable lives, promote brands that mirror their values, and help causes that speak to their soul. Meeeee !!!

This conference will comprise of influencers that span between newbies, light and deep green. And when we all get together —-Shift happens.

I’m over joyed to be part of it of the change. #WorldChanger

The mission of the Shiftcon community is ultimately to change the grocery store, one brand at a time. As Shifters promote better products, people will purchase better products. And thus the ShiftCon community is the ultimate example of citizens voting with their dollar. And influencers voting with every share.

What If I’m Not Green?

ShiftCon welcomes all green #WorldChangers and #Shifters, which means even if you don’t consider yourself greenie or an influencer, you can still be part of the Shiftcon community! Fixing the planet, community and food system is a super large job that requires all hands on deck, so all shifters are welcome! Not to mention, the benefits of attending ShiftCon are amazing and the following are just a few:

  • You will learn from scientists and experts about green/wellness topics

  • You will meet brands that are safer for your family

  • You will make a ton of new friends that can help you along the way

  • And you’ll enjoy every minute

So what are you waiting for?

Tickets for ShiftCon 2019 are available here!

Get yours before they’re gone!