Do You Ever Feel Like Something's Missing?


Do you ever feel like something's missing in your life? Relationships, business, passions... it's a nagging feeling most of us experience at one time or another. Long ago, I learned that when you feel like something's missing, the answer may be what you're not giving. I've found this to be powerfully true in so many instances. It's an idea that's changed the way I show up in many areas of my life for the better, and keeps me focused on always doing the best I can, asking, "What more can I offer?"

I've also learned there's something else that can help us shift that feeling — connection. Deep, soulful connection to other like-minded people, the Universe, nature, and God. So many of us cruise through our days on autopilot without paying conscious attention to our lives. But that's the thing... it must be consciously created. When we go without this conscious attention too long, our soul starts to feel there's a gap - like a vitamin deficiency of the spirit. Lack of deep connection in our lives can feel like driving a car with partially deflated tires. The result can be that familiar, empty feeling that "something's missing". It can cause us to feel a bit sad, stressed, hollow... even depressed... without really being able to pinpoint the cause.


It takes conscious effort to nurture that part of us that is in need of deeper connections. It takes reaching out, deliberate effort, mindful communication, and time out of our day. When we create the habit of seeking and nurturing these connections, the empty feelings fade and those spaces are filled with joy, peace, happiness and purpose. It also takes making time to be off the computer and connecting more with people we care about face to face. If we shift to live this way regularly, we can reduce or eliminate that "something's missing" feeling, and become more connected to each other, and create a stronger sense of community at the same time.

Deeper connection can mean different things to each of us, and the connections we desire can sometimes change. It's all about going within and listening to what kinds of connections your own soul is craving.

Deep conversation with friends? Prayer? Meditation? Brainstorming with people who share your passions? Art? Touch?

A few areas where I'm looking to create deeper connections in my life are with God, my family and my friends.  I invite you to join me in seeking and creating deeper, more meaningful connections. What's your soul longing for? Maybe it's a more regular spiritual practice, or maybe it's simply spending more sacred time with a beloved friend or family member. Whatever it is, always be seeking. Always be making the time.

Connection to love, passion, and to higher energetic vibrations is the master key to filling life's empty spaces. 

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