Struggling to Love Yourself?

Self-love is about acceptance and seeing yourself as the gift you are.

Today, I want to encourage you to respect your body and to see your body as a tool and a teammate. Your body helps you live life to the fullest potential. Listen to it and honor what it needs. 

If you're struggling to love yourself or your body today, here are few suggestions that I use whenever I'm struggling to accept and love myself and my body:

1. Stop blaming your body for the bad things in your life. It's not your body's fault. Instead say, "Thank you, body, for being with me on this journey."

2. Stop allowing a look or comment from someone else to determine how you feel about yourself. That person probably wasn't even judging you. You are judging yourself.

3. Stop thinking you aren't in the body you are supposed to have. You are in the best body for you. Let your body be your teacher and guide you to more self-love.

4. Stop letting the number on the scale or your pants size define you. You are more than any number. What matters most is how you feel, not how you look.

5. Stop judging yourself by what you can't do and instead celebrate what you can do. Don't be so hard on yourself. The limitation is in your mind. Start saying "I can" and watch how your life transforms.

6. Stop waiting to reach your goal to enjoy your body.  Reward yourself for every progressive accomplishment you make. Life is challenging and your are a conquerer!

When we start believing and receiving positive feelings about your body on the inside, the outside will fall right into place.

Enjoy the miracle that is you.