Valley Sounds 7/28/18

In this episode of Valley Sounds, we'll hear interviews with musicians Kelvin Wooten and DMR Soul, as well as music from War Drum SyndicateSarah Mayars, DMR Soul, Kelvin Wooten, QBallTrash CatsRob Aldridge and the ProponentsProperty and Tres Locos.

Valley Sounds is a show that shines the spotlight on original music of all genres created and performed in the Tennessee Valley. Each hour contains a mix of music, interviews and other special segments that provide insight on the creative process of making and performing music. You can find more information about the music you’re hearing and a podcast replay of all episodes at under the Programs tab for Valley Sounds. 

To submit your original music: please send a "WAV" file of your original music to Include the subject as follows:  "Valley Sounds music submission".

This is your girl, J'Que! 

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