Interview - B. Alexandria

Heyyyyyy.. This is your girl, J'Que. Check out this super cool interview with the amazing and stunningly talented Alexandria Seward. We're talking "Matters of the Heart" and so much more!

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Valley Sounds

This episode of Valley Sounds features an interview with Huntsville R&B musician Marquis Green, as well as tracks by Lady Lace, B. Alexandria, Little Girl, Awkwardly Dope, Wanda Wesolowski, Joey Slvm, Aaron Bradley, Kat Elizabeth, The Porcharitas, Jonny and the Black Frames and Brandon Worthey.

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Fuel Your Workout

So you’re showing up and doing the work at the gym—kudos to you. But there’s more… Fitness isn’t just about logging hours at the gym. If you’re going to create massive results and make progress towards your goals, you need to take your diet as seriously as your workout time.

Let’s start with fueling your workouts — What should you be eating to get the most out of your exercise regimen???

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Life's To-Do List

It's so easy to focus on what's wrong that we sometimes forget how easy it can be to focus on what's right. When your mind won't release you from the gloom, wouldn't it be nice to have some lists at hand to remind you just how wonderful your life really is? Instead of "to-do" lists, think of these as "To Be Happy" lists, perfect for that much-needed jolt of perspective or positivity. Here are a few to-do lists ideas that I use to help me stay on track in my emotional/spiritual life.

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