North Alabama's People's Choice Entrepreneur of the Year, Impact Speaker, Young Progressive Black Caucus Outstanding Women of Leadership Award Recipient and Idea Fit Trainer.  A multi-media proprietor, brand ambassador, professional model, teacher and lifestyle entrepreneur. 

For over a decade, J'Que continues to be a leader and pace setter of the business, wellness & marketing industry. Her failures and achievements continue to fuel her passion for results.  Brands and companies like, Naturals in the City, IDEA Fit, Red Elephant, InTunewithTMill, Amphibian Unlimited and many more, trust her vision and leadership.

Her faith keeps her grounded and humble, yet fiercely independent. There's nothing more courageous than believing in yourself and taking risks when the odds are against you which means she's not afraid to jump, fly or dive. This attitude and discipline has molded her self belief and continues to grow her confidence. A confidence which nurtures and strengthens her clients trust and respect of her.  People, places and things fuel her ambition and imagination to seek traditions, discover new adventures and remain optimistic and open to learning. J'Que has a solid reputation for passion, integrity and exceeding expectations that comes from her sense of purpose and assertiveness.  She is committed to achieving her goals, and serving the BUSINESS and PERSONAL needs of her consumers, whether it's a fitness or business client, a Fashion company, or motivational speaking.  Her persistence and dedication has also landed her in several countries, and exotic places around the world.

J'Que stands to encourage others to live healthier and to be successful at living their dreams. Her daily operations include creating business products, publications, resource hubs, and expanding her businesses globally. Some of her skills and expertise include:

  • Weight-loss & Fitness programming

  • Art, entertainment and fashion event planning

  • Business Branding and Business Marketing

  • Business Start-up Consulting

“As a entrepreneur, brand manager, and business consultant, I am concerned with creating a lasting impression among consumers and improving product/service sales and market share for my clients. My job consists of planning, developing and directing marketing/advertising efforts for a particular brand based on market trends to ensure the right message is delivered to consumers.”

"As a personal trainer/wellness coach, I not only help clients achieve their fitness and wellness goals, but I am responsible for assisting the client through the process of working towards a healthy lifestyle by providing exercise programming, nutritional guidance, support, encouragement, and education."


  • People's Choice Entrepreneur of the Year 2017

  • Outstanding Woman of Color in Leadership - Young Progressive Black Caucus of Alabama

  • Personal Trainer of the Year - 2009, 2010, 2013, 2015

  • Fit Fluential - Ambassador

  • SunShyne Enterprises Regional Director - Art, Entertainment, Fashion

  • IDEA Health and Wellness - Ambassador/ Conference Presenter/ Work Study Captian

  • Soles 4 Souls - Ambassador

  • HDL Event Center -  Marketing Director/ Event Coordinator

  • Yeah Baby Productions Entertainment - SpokesModel

  • Fit Approach - Sweat Pink Ambassador

  • Chalye Ellite MTA- Model

  • Model Haven Boutique - Brand Manager

  • Healthy Huntsville - Ambassador

  • Alabama Fashion Alliance - Director of Models and Talent

  • Hammer Girls Dance-Cheer Team - Training Coach

  • Rock Your Fitness - Program Director

  • Lace Up For A Cure - Creator/Program Director

  • Land Trust of Alabama - Ambassador

  • Charity Burlesque Show - Creator/Director

  • Oakwood College - Residential Fitness Programming

  • Virginia College - Biggest Loser Program Director / Lead Personal Trainer



Faith, from my point of view, means trusting and believing assuredly in things you can't factually prove . Faith is especially important to me because it allows me to pursue passions and dreams without being discouraged by other people's negative opinions or by distressing circumstances. One of my heroes, Martin Luther King Jr., suggests that faith is about "taking the first step even when you don't see the full staircase." Faith has played that exact role in my life. From starting my own business, to surviving cancer and even to raising a healthy and intelligent daughter as a single mother, faith has given me the inner strength to keep going in the face of stark odds.  


Fitness is more than being able to run three or four miles easily or having an impressive max bench-press; fitness is a worldview. Fitness is the ability to meet life's demands with confidence. Whether that means being able to take your kids to Disneyland, pick up new hobbies or being able to make it to your grandson's graduation, life should never be hampered by poor health. Personally, fitness is an impetus for change. I struggled with my body image and self confidence all the way into my early-thirties. However, once I was able to challenge my body in new ways I learned how to meet life's challenges with a renewed vigor and grace! Fitness is not concerned with comparison, it is an absolute singularity; one's level of fitness is relative only to that person's unique situation and demands. Simply put, my goal is not only help people look "sexy" and become more "athletic" and "healthy", but also to help people realize their full potential!   


Life. Is. Challenging.  This an unavoidable consequence of simply being alive. Success therefore, is not determined by our ability to elude life's difficulties, but rather to embrace and respond positively to each new challenge. Fortitude is the virtue which enables us to strive and push forward in the face of these difficulties. My struggle with cancer taught me about fortitude. As a fitness professional, I grew accustomed to being full of vitality, energy and strength. I quickly learned that real vitality was being able to fight for my continued existence everyday. Energy is being able to perform simple tasks, tasks I would normally take for granted, while perpetually being at the brink of exhaustion. Strength is being incredibly weak, completely vulnerable, and still daring to live.